Art Book

Client Antoine

Madi Sculptures is the second book out of three we worked on with the prestigious artist. No words are enough to describe this artist whose works relate to modern artists like Matisse and Picasso. However, this is a book about his sculptors that are inspired by his observation to nature and unique relationship with women. His subjects are women, bulls, birds, cats... His sculptors follow his work’s mythology, which is all his art is composed of straight and curved lines that join to create stylized abstractions. He applied this mythology by devising a mathematical method of generating illusory volume from folded forms, which he worked out first in cardboard models before transforming them to intricately creased and cut sheets of wrought iron. We kept his mythology in mind while designing the book, in making sure we showed the true texture of his materials and gave true volume and playfulness to his pieces with a play of proportion.
  • Publication Design